Adam Cardello is a Los Angeles based artist, most drawn to the formal aspects of abstract and non-representational painting: color and color theory, shapes and the role of negative space, tensions formed through the way soft and hard edges approach and touch each other on the painted surface, and the application of opaque versus transparent paint. With a background in woodworking and interior design, Cardello approaches his paintings with a mix of intuition and process–allowing the constraints of the medium to guide his artistic decisions.

In early 2021, Adam Cardello was commissioned to revisit an older painting, Homage to Transparency 2012, painted on linen. Prior to this commission he had been painting exclusively on wood panels. Using a leftover piece of linen to test paint colors, Cardello was surprised at how much he enjoyed the look of paint on raw linen. Raw linen absorbs paint in a way that makes the texture of the linen become part of the painting. Furthermore, the absorption of paint into the threads limited the way he was able to paint, forcing him to focus on simple shapes. Presenting a unique set of challenges, this exciting new surface inspired a whole new body of work. Concentrating primarily on color, Cardello began a series of paintings titled Dualities. “I started these paintings trying to create a Rothko-esque sense of color harmony with complementary colors. I was unsuccessful.  I changed directions, including shapes and creating a space, but I still constrained the palette and composition per each side of the painting.” In his Dualities series, the canvas is split into two opposing sides. Each side of the painting creates a color moment–a moment that, if successful, will allow the viewer to feel joy. These paintings are about sharing the joy Adam Cardello experiences when finding balance through the exploration and play of color, shape and space.