Etsy, up and running!

As I search for proper gallery representation, I have decided to make some of my work available to the public through Etsy: (http://www NULL.etsy

At the moment, everything I have listed is not currently shown on this website, and is from either 2009 or 2011.

Here are two images from the listings for sale:

                   Untitled, 2009




Earth Science Art, 16 Collaborations with USGS Scientists

For the greater part of this year, I have been working on a handful of paintings for a group exhibition in Santa Cruz. If you happen to be in Santa Cruz it is definitely worth the visit.

Earth Science Art

I had the privilege of working with Sedimentologist David Rubin. Here is an excerpt of my statement about the work we created together:

“The natural accumulation of sediment over time creates powerful linear and geometric compositions, forms, and structures. Some of the most familiar of these are generally experienced as sensations underneath our feet: the undulating sand ripple, wet by the most recent ebbing wave, or the scalding sun-scorched sand dune, the heat of which compels us to hastily hop across. However, it is important to remind ourselves how our surroundings were and are created, and that these forms deserve a deeper (visual) examination.

These landscapes are an interesting creation of years of accumulated environmental history; the circumstances of events hidden beneath an opaque layer of earth, yet remaining there to be unburied and discovered.

USGS sedimentologist David Rubin’s research provides invaluable insight into this realm. He has created tools to observe sediment in motion over set intervals, developed three-dimensional animated diagrams that reconstruct bed forms and structures, and written analytic forecasting procedures to distinguish certain variables in sand ripples and other spatial patterns. As I learned about his work, the near perfection of linear composition in his photographs of these sand ripples evoked a strong internal response in me. I am attempting to recreate (much like his research can be used to recreate past environments) this sensation of natural composition—utilizing line, movement, and color—while preserving some evidence of the image’s intuitive development.

I am interested in methods, repetition, processes and layers. I create work that is gradually constructed, much like a sedimentary structure: Images that evolve in response to the conditions of the moment and my environment. Images with their own language of time and space—where new truths grow organically from responses to yesterday, not replacing them with a new absoluteness, but creating a threshold where there exists multiple validities.”

For more information on the artists and scientists involved please check out the website: (http://www NULL.earthscienceartsc