New Paintings – on Exhibition at The Wall Gallery

12 new Paintings are on exhibit through June 28th.  All work is available to look at online through my website.  To see in person – Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday 12 – 5.   473 25th Street Oakland, CA 94612.  Please contact me, or Steve Lomprey at 510-282-0412 for inquiries.


New section in website: Available Work

I’ve had a few inquiries about what work is available and what work is not, so I added a new menu to the navigation where you can browse thumbnails and images of work, as well as their size and price. I have inventory on hand as well as work in consignment at the SFMoMA’s Artist Gallery in Fort Mason, should you be in San Francisco.

The design of my website is suffering from an incompatibility with a new version of WordPress and we are in the process of figuring out how to restore the previous method of interaction within the different galleries. Please accept my apologies while it doesn’t look/work as great as it used to.

I have a few potential shows coming up for the second half of the year, this first half of the year has been spent settling in to our new residence in Los Angeles, as well as preparing for the birth of our son. Aria is going to be a big sister and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Reblog from Actual SF

A few months ago, I was photographed by my friend Jillian Piccarilli (http://http://www NULL.jillianpiccirilli, for a design company that she is working with named Actual (http://www NULL.actualsf

From their website: “Actual is committed to simple, original, and beautiful design. We are based in Oakland, CA and partner with local manufacturers who share our attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our products are made primarily from natural or recycled materials.”

Jillian hired me in an advertising  project where she was photographing creative professionals in their respective creative environments.  I said alright and the photos below are of me at work, wearing one of Actual’s Zip Skinny Ties.  Recently, Actual contacted me to participate in an interview about my work to be posted on their blog and here we have the result: (REBLOGGED)

Meet the Models: Adam Cardello – Visual Artist (http://blog NULL.actualsf NULL.html)

(http://blog NULL.actualsf NULL.html)
Adam Cardello allowed us to watch him paint in his studio while sporting a new Skinny Zip Tie (http://www NULL.actualsf in Mustard. After seeing him make artwork, we just needed to know more about what inspires him. Read below and check out his website of his artwork,

This is the second “Meet the Models” post.

How would you describe your artwork?

My work is usually dictated by a formal interest in composition and color relationships. The content is both figurative and abstract in the sense that what you see is a representation of earthly life, reinterpreted using my own visual language. Control is another issue that frequents my work, evident in my process and craft. Some of my recent paintings attempted to weave a narrative between two recent major life events: the birth of my daughter and the death of a life-long friend. They never achieved this. Instead they stand as separate ideas that recognize and accept loss, and observe a child-like wonder of the world. Since those paintings I had been working on small studies, trying to solve a few technical issues that I felt were repeatedly surfacing in my work.

(http://blog NULL.actualsf NULL.html)

I just started a new series of 10 paintings this weekend, which I am pretty excited about.

How long have you been an artist?

I knew I wanted to be an artist and receive education in the arts from a very young age. With that, I believe that a certain amount of dedication is required to brandish such a nomenclature as being “an artist”; otherwise it is just cast around too easily. I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2004, but lacked that dedication to call myself an artist until about 3 years ago. It took me some time to get my priorities straight.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

The existence and relationships of color.

(http://blog NULL.actualsf NULL.html)

What inspires you when working?

Right now I am very much interested in the work of Steve Roden. (http://http://www NULL.inbetweennoise However, I believe that inspiration comes from within, rather than outside influences. Some days it is hard to paint but I make myself do it anyways. On those days, when I am dragging my feet and then one tiny decision reveals something in front of me that completely changes my perspective or experience, that is when I feel most inspired.




via Actual Blog: Meet the Models: Adam Cardello – Visual Artist (http://blog NULL.actualsf NULL.html).


SFMOMA Artist’s Gallery and NURTUREart Benefit in NYC 2013

5 of my paintings are available for rental or purchase at SFMOMA’s Artist Gallery (http://www NULL.sfmoma in Fort Mason.

They made a post about it a couple weeks back: (http://sfmoma NULL.tumblr

Today, I also found that one of my paintings was accepted into NURTUREart’s (http://nurtureart 2013 Benefit in NYC:

If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now

Other than that, I am in the middle of developing new work.

Critic’s Pick in East Bay Express


The Meaning of Life, July 5 – August 10, at The Wall Gallery

The Meaning of Life


I have 5 new, large, paintings on display at The Wall Gallery at 473 25th St., Oakland, CA

The paintings represent different stages in the cycle of human life, development, and death. The paintings were originally an attempt to weave a narrative between two recent major life events: the birth of my daughter and the death of a life long friend.  In the process of making these works I found that I was unable to communicate about each event in a similar visual language and instead I refocused on the individual message of each piece.  I would like to give a special thanks to my partner, Olay, because without her support I would not have had the ability to complete these.

Please Join me on August 2nd, from 6–9pm, during Oakland Art Murmur’s First Friday to view the paintings.  

The gallery is otherwise open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12 – 6.

Here, and Now

There are a few things going on right now.

Two paintings and Four photographs from the 2012 group show Earth Science Art, are on exhibit at the USGS Headquarters in Reston, Virgina. The work is on display until June 28. (http://www NULL.earthscienceartsc


My third painting from the above mentioned show, which didn’t travel, will be part of SLATE contemporary’s Summer Collection, which begins this Thursday, 5/30 until 8/17. (http://www NULL.slatecontemporary


The biggest news is that I am working on 5 large paintings which will be displayed at The WALL gallery at 473 25th St., for the month of July. These paintings will be my most ambitious works to date and I am currently in an agitated state of excitement and anxiety about their production. (http://thewallgallery NULL.blogspot


Over the next couple weeks I will post a few sneak peaks of the work in progress.


Upcoming Exhibition: Interpreted Landscapes at SLATE contemporary

I am excited to announce my first show in Oakland/SF.   In the past handful of years, I haven’t put a lot of energy into showing my work.  I always had the attitude that I wasn’t ready or that I needed more work.  It was the wrong approach.  This year, my goal is to show my work as much as possible.  This show is outside the main gallery, but it is in a dedicated art space.  So without further adieu:

Please join me for a reception on March 28, from 6-8pm.

Exhibition Dates: March 28 – April 27, 2013 (Hall Show)

Interpreted Landscapes: paintings by Eve Arbel, Andreina Davila, and Adam Cardello

Interpreted Landscapes invites viewers to enter into two-dimensional fictional environments. Some of the
work suggests space and structures, while others observe time using cycles and repetition. Constructed
using unexpected color relationships and inhabited by detailed mark making, these paintings balance
abstraction and pure sensation with the illusion and familiarity of a real place.

acrylic on panel 2013

If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now
acrylic on panel

SLATE contemporary is located on 473 25th St., Oakland CA 94612. (http://www NULL.slatecontemporary



The end of the year is generally a time I reserve for reflection, and is the low-point in my creative cycle. These past handful of months flew by, the experience of being a father taking up most of my time (and what a wonderful experience it is). We traveled to the East Coast, to Charlotte and to Boston. Little Aria met all of her Grandparents and it was nice to have such an extended trip visiting family. Now that we are back home again I feel ready to resume working.

I remember in a college critique a reviewer raising the question: “Who is your target audience?” In 2012, I experimented with this, opening an Etsy shop and trying to focus on creating smaller work, which would be more affordable to a wider range of people. At times it was very satisfying, like when you discover your work on the front page and you’ve had 400 views for the hour or when you make your first sale. Heck, every sale felt good! I also found myself surprised at how many people, internationally, were viewing my work. I found myself mentioned in blogs, such as which is written from Turkey. I am finding my work on Pintrest now, too. Overall, thousands of people looked at my work in 6 months. And while I’ve enjoyed all this, and will continue to utilize Etsy, this year I am going to focus on larger, more ambitious work.

The following camera-phone quality image is from a painting in progress:


Welcome, Aria Valentina Cardello!

On August 19th, we welcomed the birth of our darling little Aria Valentina. I am beyond happy to publicly announce our joy. She and Olay (and I) are doing extremely well. Aria is delightful, full of strength, and quite generous to allow us 4-5 hours of consecutive sleep a night. There were many times when I was younger where I wondered if I would ever be a parent. In response to that thought, I find myself wondering now: how could I ever not be one? She fills us with the greatest contentment; every sunrise promises possibility. I would like to thank Olay for the most difficult work that only a Mother can experience and for blessing us with the brightest star that shines in our sky.


Aria Valentina Cardello