Upcoming Exhibition: Interpreted Landscapes at SLATE contemporary

I am excited to announce my first show in Oakland/SF.   In the past handful of years, I haven’t put a lot of energy into showing my work.  I always had the attitude that I wasn’t ready or that I needed more work.  It was the wrong approach.  This year, my goal is to show my work as much as possible.  This show is outside the main gallery, but it is in a dedicated art space.  So without further adieu:

Please join me for a reception on March 28, from 6-8pm.

Exhibition Dates: March 28 – April 27, 2013 (Hall Show)

Interpreted Landscapes: paintings by Eve Arbel, Andreina Davila, and Adam Cardello

Interpreted Landscapes invites viewers to enter into two-dimensional fictional environments. Some of the
work suggests space and structures, while others observe time using cycles and repetition. Constructed
using unexpected color relationships and inhabited by detailed mark making, these paintings balance
abstraction and pure sensation with the illusion and familiarity of a real place.

acrylic on panel 2013

If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now
acrylic on panel

SLATE contemporary is located on 473 25th St., Oakland CA 94612.

www.slatecontemporary.com (http://www NULL.slatecontemporary NULL.com)