The end of the year is generally a time I reserve for reflection, and is the low-point in my creative cycle. These past handful of months flew by, the experience of being a father taking up most of my time (and what a wonderful experience it is). We traveled to the East Coast, to Charlotte and to Boston. Little Aria met all of her Grandparents and it was nice to have such an extended trip visiting family. Now that we are back home again I feel ready to resume working.

I remember in a college critique a reviewer raising the question: “Who is your target audience?” In 2012, I experimented with this, opening an Etsy shop and trying to focus on creating smaller work, which would be more affordable to a wider range of people. At times it was very satisfying, like when you discover your work on the front page and you’ve had 400 views for the hour or when you make your first sale. Heck, every sale felt good! I also found myself surprised at how many people, internationally, were viewing my work. I found myself mentioned in blogs, such as http://artburgac.blogspot.com which is written from Turkey. I am finding my work on Pintrest now, too. Overall, thousands of people looked at my work in 6 months. And while I’ve enjoyed all this, and will continue to utilize Etsy, this year I am going to focus on larger, more ambitious work.

The following camera-phone quality image is from a painting in progress: